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YOU + ME + OUR COMMUNITY = an awe inspiring team influencing the wedding industry.

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the county wedding clubs

is for you if

You are passionate about your business and industry
Struggling to get noticed
Ready for a significant shift and pivot

At the end of the day what we do is all about you, understanding you, and the potential you have inside. It is also about you allowing yourself to find your community and be supported by it. It’s about allowing yourself to be seen, be vulnerable, and be the passionate, powerful creative we know you are.  Because guess what? There is absolutely no point hiding anymore…

Hear what a few of my community members have to say about me, here.

As a community devotee, wedding expert mentor, and purpose educator, I’ve put together several ways to work with me so that you can achieve wedding industry success, and I can not wait to show you more.


Sharing all the exciting ways to work with us

Our programs


Purpose, Connection, and Intention sessions

Working in the wedding industry, but looking for focussed
advice and expert mentoring?
Mentoring with me, may be for you.
Starting at £325

Editorial direction

Concept, Impression, Curation sessions
Flat lay sessions
Submission sessions

We create conceptualised editorials and inspirational, beautiful
refined shoots to inspire and engage your ideal clients. We
act as your energetic recognition campaigner, curating for
you the perfect coverage. Join me at the shoot?
Starting at £445

The Cafe Sessions

Monthly meet ups, open discussions, education and
inspiration. Connect with other brave wedding creatives and
start exploring a life and business full of mindfulness,
purpose, wisdom, and marketing miracles. Every month
is different, every month is exceptional.
Free for VIP members, and starting at £20

Keep your eye out for exciting collaborative opportunities

Coming soon


A question of purpose

Including; VIP membership, VIP joining fee, a 3 meeting purpose sessions, and 4 done for you submissions

Imagine a day spent working on your business with me, strategically planning your next BIG idea, we can work on one subject at a time and create 4 outstanding done for your submissions to the perfect platform.

Investment £2,925 + £120 per month for 12 months.


Daring to dream

Including; Insider membership, VIP joining fee, 2 impression sessions, 12 months of Cafe Sessions, 12 months mentoring on an intention sessions package and 2 submission sessions.

Get on the waiting list to be told when I will be collection applications for my next high level mastermind.

Investment £15,330 + £60 per month for 12 months


Now it all makes sense

Including; VIP membership, VIP joining fee, connection session mentoring for 4 months and 1 impression session.

Are you finally ready to achieve outstanding success, because we can not wait to take you from overwhelm to success.

Investment £2,840 + £120 per month for 12 months


The editorial scholarship

We are proud to provide a styling consultancy service for exceptional wedding brands and creatives alike. We are your wedding industry champion, and help you reach your perfect customers. We pride ourselves in helping you to attain the recognition needed for you to grow your business, presence and prestige.

So, if you are familiar with my work, you know I believe success is unlimited when you embrace the journey to achieve and go after your desires, I am also very aware that opportunity is not. As a community we are aware of the vast range of economic realities that comprise our members ability to attract our beloved and ideal audience.

We are therefore creating two scholarships opening in July 2020 for member creatives.  Each selected creative will receive a full curation session grant.  They will be working with us to create a perfect editorial from start to finish, including our exceptional submission service.

A little but of love

Kind words

Boudoir Queen 

Rebecca Frost Photography

“Finding the Hampshire Wedding Club was without a doubt the turning point for my business. The HWC is a community full of kind, welcoming like-minded creatives who I am now so incredibly lucky to call friends. The support and guidance Tash can offer is simply incredible and I am so thankful she founded this incredible community. If you are thinking of joining, trust me, it’s the best thing you will ever do for your business, and for you.”

 Image Cooper Photography

Our favourite wedding power couple

Mr & Mrs Cooper, Cooper Photography

“There was a time before the Hampshire Wedding Club, and a time after the Hampshire Wedding Club, thats how significant an effect being a member has had on our business. Tasha has become our most trusted advisor on everything within our business especially when it comes to marketing.

The current landscape is forever changing and being a member of the HWC has kept us informed and inspired resulting in our continuing success. Building a community is no easy feat but through the HWC we have met, photographed, collaborated and even hired so many crucial people through the community that Tasha has created.”

Wordsmith and copywriter extraordinaire

Stephanie, By The Way Creative

“If you’re looking for a community that truly embodies ‘collaboration over competition’, then the County Wedding Club is it. In a room full of creatives, your opinion is heard, your ideas are magnified and your business is given the vital fuel it needs to get on the road. In the year that I’ve been involved with the club, I’ve found clients and built my dream wedding too!  The support that Tasha offers is second to none. She truly pours her heart and soul into every member – it’s amazing to finally feel like someone cares about your business as much as she does!”

 Image Cooper Photography

I’d love to hear from you

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Find out why YOU are welcome here, and what we can do to help… You can pop me a message below or just go straight ahead and book a chat with me where we can talk about how I can help you and see if we’re a good fit to work together. Email me at, OR 

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“Do not leave your reputation to chance or gossip; it is your life’s artwork, and you must craft it, hone it, and display it with the care of an artist.”

Robert Greene

If I have learned anything as a business and community founder, it’s that every investment I have made in myself has been absolutely worth it. And if you’re anything like me, when you pay for something, YOU DO IT, you take it on, you throw yourself into it 100%.

With our mentoring, we will place you on a passionate, committed and purposeful path to achieve your mission, see the industry impact, embrace accountability, and really see an improvement in your finances.

But at the end of the day though, it is not simply about finding a way to allow yourself to thrive, allowing yourself to find a space in a perfect community. It is also not just about allowing yourself to be really seen, be really vulnerable, and talk to your identified ideal client.

Why not?



let's chat!


Find out why YOU are welcome here, and what we can do to help... You can pop me a message below or just go straight ahead and book a chat with me where we can talk about how I can help you and see if we're a good fit to work together.  Email me at, OR




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