The Wedding Diaries by Stephanie Powell, Can I furlough our wedding?

Hi everyone. But in particular… hi brides-to-be.

I want you to know what I see you. I know what you’re going through. And… it kinda of sucks doesn’t it?

After hearing that social distancing is likely to last for 3-6 months… I’ve had to start facing up to the inevitable possibility…

Perhaps The White Wedding won’t be happening this year.

Looking at the stack of handwritten envelopes on my desk, my heart sinks. What’s the point in sending them if I only have to retract them later? What’s the point if all my friends and family open the envelope and say, “well, let’s hope they’ll be getting married this summer”. It kind of takes the sheen off, doesn’t it?
Then there’s the fact that we can’t meet with our marquee company to discuss the layout, we can’t try our food, we can’t go hunting for reclaimed charms to decorate with. I can’t go to my dress fitting and there’ll be no more makeup or hair trials for now.

On top of that, there’s the financial aspect. What do you do when your savings plan goes out of the window? All the money you were putting aside and going to put aside, sucked up elsewhere. Do we really want to get married by borrowing and using credit cards? Not us. We had a plan.

I guess that’s what’s so hard about right now… our plans have been stolen from us.

Can I furlough our wedding - Cooper Photography - By The Way Creative - The Wedding Diaries  - The County Wedding Clubs

So, what can we do instead?

Look on the bright side!


Perhaps we’ll get longer to plan for and save up for our wedding, allowing us to do even more fun stuff and throw an even bigger party.


If we decide to go ahead with our registry office ‘official’ wedding date, by the time of the big party bit of the wedding, we won’t be nervous and we’ll actually get to enjoy the whole day!


Putting off the wedding means that all of this anxiety will well and truly be behind us. We’d rather not have the focus of our wedding being the fact that it’s the first wedding anyone’s been to “since it all kicked off”.

So, what am I doing whilst I stew on this decision?

I’m checking in with my bridesmaids regularly and I’ve told them there’s no pressure to organise a hen-do.

I’ve gone back to my Pinterest board and started adding things again, just to give me something to get excited about.

I’ve booked a virtual bridal styling session with Sophie Rose bridal. I might not be able to go out, but a girl can still shop!

I’ve scoured eBay for the perfect dress to wear for our legal ceremony. With so many people at home, lots of fashionistas are clearing out their wardrobes. Woop woop for me!

Whilst this is a very testing time for us wanna-be newlyweds, it’s also a reaffirming time. If you can get through these difficult decisions and times of isolation together, you can be pretty sure you picked the right life partner.

Looking at Josh and knowing that we’ll get through this together by making adult decisions is very comforting.

It’ll still be The White Wedding, but it might have to be The White Wedding In A Little While… I guess we will find out if we can furlough our wedding in the next few weeks…


Can I furlough our wedding - Cooper Photography - By The Way Creative - The Wedding Diaries  - The County Wedding Clubs

Mr White

Can I furlough our wedding - Cooper Photography - By The Way Creative - The Wedding Diaries  - The County Wedding Clubs

Our incredible photographer


Stu at Cooper Photography
Our gorgeous engagement shoot was photographed around the beautiful Montagu Arms Hotel.

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Wedding diaries – Can I furlough our wedding?

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