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“Today, the one sure way to fail is to be boring. Your one chance for success is to be remarkable.” ~ Seth Godin

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Your teacher Maddie

Maddy Shine, known as the SEO & Visibility Queen to her clients, helps ambitious creative business owners get more sales through SEO ( search engine optimisation) or “Seeking Exciting Opportunities” as she likes to call it. Because what’s more exciting than getting paid to do what you love by more people who will pay you to do it?

Clients praise Maddy for her ability to focus on what truly works, as she creates no-fluff strategies that focus on business growth. Originally from the South West, now based in London, Maddy travels regularly, easily spotted by her large and colourful earrings and ever changing colourful hair.

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Your host  Tasha

Tasha Newland, Founder of the County Wedding Clubs, veteran wedding photographer and fanatical collaborator – Tasha is the floristry wire that holds the whole bloomin’ club together. Through networking, tutorials, 1-1’s and a little tough love, CWC continues to thrive under her watchful eye.

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Three amazing webinars

These 3 classes are all about getting found on Google so that you can crack this once and for all and then get on with taking the enquiries that come in as a result! Hundreds of people every day are searching for businesses like yours on Google and at the moment they’re clicking on your competitors because you’re not there to be found.

What’s SEO anyway I hear you say? It stands for search engine optimisation – getting found on Google basically – and so many people ask me, where am I going wrong? What can I do to get seen by Google? Why does Google hate me?! I’m really excited to say that we’ve now arranged for Maddy Shine, a.k.a. the SEO & Visibility Queen, to come and speak to The County Wedding Clubs in a brand new series we’re calling “The Seeking Exciting Opportunities series”.

Throughout each class, Maddy will be sharing how SEO (search engine optimisation) is not so terrifying after all, how you can use your love of creativity and running your own business to actually get found by more people who want to buy from you. Maddy will teach you how to generate new ideas (what to blog and how to do it), how to make sure your website is up to scratch for Google & therefore for users and how to measure your efforts in the Google Analytics class. If getting found more on Google is on your 2020 goals list, then this is the series you’ve been waiting for.

All classes will be taught as live online webinars and will be recorded, but of course you’re going to get more benefit if you join live!

Class one

SEO Doldrums to Ding Ding (for Beginners)

This is for you if you have no idea where to start, Maddy will be teaching the basics of SEO, explaining what the various terms mean and which ones you need to pay attention to, from keywords to blogging and all in between, all with actionable tips that you can work along with her in the class with a beautifully designed workbook. Maddy will take you from being in from doldrums to ding ding, page one here we come!

Here are some of the things we have been asked in our community;

– Why is SEO so important?
– Why are search engines so important?
– What gets ranked in Google?
– Why are keywords important? and how do I identify them for my business?
– What are backlinks? and why are they important?
– What is a do follow/no follow?

What you get;

– 1 hour with SEO Expert Maddy and co-host Tasha Newland
– Beautifully designed workbook to print out and use to implement for your business
– Opportunity to ask questions from an expert and get the answers!

Tuesday 21st May 11am-12 noon


Price £47


Class two

SEO next level engaged!

This is for you if you feel you know some things about SEO but you’re struggling to make a difference in your rankings. This can be a natural progression once you’ve implemented from the class on 5th May, or you may just want to jump in to this and go ‘right Maddy, what can we do?’ or maybe even ‘where are we going wrong?’

Here are some of the things we have been asked in our community;

– Is it better to publish new content regularly or release one evergreen piece quarterly? Why?
– Would you add “nofollow” attribute to low authority sites, even if you trust the site’s content and quality?
– Links are important for SEO. What is the top technique you’ve used for a client/your own website to get high-quality links?
– Can you tell me about the latest algorithm changes
– How often should you re-research your keywords?
– What are the differences between SEO and SEM?
– Which is the most important area to include your keywords?

What you get:

– 1 hour with SEO Expert Maddy and co-host Tasha Newland
– Beautifully designed workbook to print out and use to implement for your business
– Opportunity to ask questions from an expert and get the answers!

Thursday 4th June 11am-12noon

Price £47

Your presence here is important to us

Google analytics WTF am I looking at?

So many people are putting in effort to make their website look beautiful but they’re scared to check their Analytics to see if anyone’s actually looking at their website. Why are we so bothered about Instagram likes but not about the stats that only we can see? Maddy will go through Google Analytics and what you need to be paying attention to and what the numbers actually mean to benefit your business.
Here are some of the things we have been asked in our community;

– How do I find out much traffic came to the website, and work out where it came from?
– How can I then compare this to last month? Last quarter and last year?
– How engaged was last month’s website traffic?
– What were the top traffic driving channels?
– Were there any traffic source fluctuations and if so, what caused them?
– How can I set up, and why should I set up goals in my analytics?
– How can I use analytics to compliment my keyword analysis?

What you get:

– 1 hour with SEO Expert Maddy and co-host Tasha Newland
– Beautifully designed workbook to print out and use to implement for your business
– Opportunity to ask questions from an expert and get the answers!


Thursday 18th June 11am-12 noon

Price £47


Don’t miss this part!

Your ticket savings


Here’s what’s happening & why it’s something you should definitely show up.

It’s ONCE.

We have created special offers saving you money on multiple tickets.

It’s stacked with expert advice that uniquely helps build better strategies for *anyone* building a more visible business.

It’s interactive – not just a lecture! You can be a part of the conversation, ask questions, and learn as a community.
​Self-education is the new norm, so it’s our job to inspire you!


All three classes for £110 (saving you £31)
2 classes for £79 (saving you £15)

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