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“Do not leave your reputation to chance or gossip; it is your life’s artwork, and you must craft it, hone it, and display it with the care of an artist.”Robert Greene

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“May success chase and find you as you work hard.”
Sola Kosoko

I have created The Curation Sessions Live because I want nothing more than for wedding creatives to have a place to turn to become inspired and enlightened. A place that offers answers, beauty and clarity. A creative place offering education, inspiration, collaboration and much more; the ‘answers’ are a small part of what we can create together. Along with an exceptional team of educators, we are taking editorial shoots to a new level.

Tailored educational concepts

Each Curation Session experience has a specific curriculum. From the practical side of your creative business (think legalities, contracts, and pricing) to the mechanics of design (how you build a design proposal, or try a new floral approach). With our awesome team, we strive to create sessions for multifaceted creatives that are both design rich and perfectly tuned to your common pain points. Each part of the Curation Sessions is assigned to a professional creative or educator experienced and capable of teaching exceptional content about the concept or point. This will provide you a very specific and in depth look at all of the parts of your business, not just one.

Boutique babes

Hannah, Hannah Elizabeth Bridal

“A truly wonderful space for wedding creatives!

I have known Tasha from the very early days of Hannah Elizabeth Bridal! From the moment we met I was totally embraced by her warm and passionate energy, not only for the industry but the sheer interest she took in me and my little boutique!

I will forever be thankful for her honest and endless advice and guidance she has given to my business, not only as a mentor but as a true friend. She has provided precious support that I honestly believe has helped my business grow and flourish into the successful Bridal Boutique that it is today.

Being a member of the County Wedding Clubs is a membership that is completely invaluable to me! The passion and energy that Tasha has for her members and their work is truly inspirational. The CWC provides a platform for like-minded wedding creatives such as you and I. A warm and encouraging space for us all to gather, to be inspired and to learn and gain new skills and knowledge with the pure help and guidance of Tasha. ”

Image Cooper Photography

Intentional time for engagement

Some may call it networking, we call it collaborative community and education. I’ve been to “workshops and networking” before and come away with nothing more than a bunch of paper, least of all valuable connections or business changing insights. I know getting the most out of something like this can be hard for introverted creatives. Those who work alone for most of the day, can feel overwhelmed trying to run a business solo and many tend not to have the experts around them providing the support they need. While I now have a tight knit group of colleagues and friends I can turn to, I was once in a place where this wasn’t available to me either. Creating both the Curation Sessions, and the County Wedding Clubs is my way of making sure you don’t have this experience or isolation.

The schedule at the Curation Sessions and its intimate size allows for ample engagement time between attendees, speakers, and contributors. At all the sit down experiences, seating is assigned to ensure you are not confined to a specific spot, ensuring you have the opportunity to expand your connection to other delegates, strike up conversation and ally. As well as this our speakers stay for the entire duration of the workshop ensuring the in-between time is as valuable as the presentations. I strongly believe it is the small talk in between sessions, the chatting in the break out rooms, or the connection during lounge time after dinner that ensures this incredibly valuable workshop is something you walk away from with the maximum amount of wisdom and knowledge possible.

Danielle Doby

This is why art, my creative process, is so important for me + my growth. It asks of me to be willing

An advantageous and intentional experience

While it’s obvious the Curation Sessions Live are meant to inspire your business and provide you with design, style and educational concepts for your business. What may be less obvious is the way the experience as a whole is structured to connect you with your mission. As wedding creatives we need to identify and embolden our clients, impressing upon them the excellence we are capable of as a community and industry. We are in the business of love and marriage, of serving, catering to, and going above and beyond with everything we do. Our jobs can at times be emotionally draining and intellectually exhausting but we do what we do because we enjoy and excel at it.

Do you ever watch your clients leave their wedding day and they look weightless, yet full from the emotional event they just experienced? I would like to think it is because you, their wedding creatives have served them well. I love striving for that same effect with the guests at the Curation Sessions Live. Our goal above everything else is to make it apparent each person truly matters. You can expect to leave not only inspired to make your business stronger but inspired to do so because you know you’re worth it.

A curated group of contributors

The group of professionals coming together to join me in teaching, serving and giving back at the next workshop is incredibly diverse and very talented. I feel very proud of the educators agreeing to be part of this innovative concept. Each and everyone of them cater to creative wedding professionals and provide services and products to serve as tools for success. I won’t give away too much of what our attendees will experience at each session but it’s going to be a remarkable experience.

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