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The Cafe Sessions

Wedding creatives who work with clarity and a sense of purpose flourish, are less likely to burn out, and are deeply connected to why they do what they do. They explore the why in their business, they understand what their clients want and need. They accept they are not just a supplier of services. They are a successful, accomplished entrepreneur with a business and skillset to be proud of.

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What are they?

Part Cafe. Part Launchpad.

Monthly meetups, open discussions, education and inspiration

Do you have that clarity for your business?
Do you work with a sense of purpose?
What are you doing to market your successes?
How do you demonstrate your authority?
Do you take time to understand your clients buying journey and investment decision making process?
How are you serving your customers better than any of your competition?

These skills and many more are the drivers behind everything we do.
Come and work in our community, learn with us, collaborate with us, and grow with us – YOU are welcome here.

Our next Cafe Sessions

We are taking on board constant updates from the government in order to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 (commonly known as coronavirus), “events” restrictions remain in place limiting all our Cafe Sesions. The sole reason for this is the safety of our community, our speakers and the wider wedding industry.

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We will update and add all our new events when they are allowed to happen again, in line with pandemic updates. Please subscribe to our newsletter to be keep up to date with all the exciting new plans we can create in line with restrictions, legal allowances and health awareness.

Our monthly schedule

Our originally planned events schedule will start where we stopped at the start of lockdown soon, we can’t wait to welcome you back. In the meantime, don’t forget we now have a full education portal, launching in August. Where you will be able to access all our Cafe Sessions content and training.

2020 and beyond…

How can you get involved?

What are they?

Who should attend

Connect with other brave wedding creatives and start exploring a life and business full of mindfulness, purpose, wisdom, and marketing miracles.

Every month is different, every month is exceptional

Collaboration and unity is the future, competition and isolation the past.

Our aim is to deliver so much value that you cannot imagine coming to any other wedding industry specific networking, and that the Cafe Sessions immediately become the monthly event you book in your diary the minute dates and tickets are released.

They are created to be the perfect opportunity for you to speak with fellow wedding suppliers who are going through the same things as you, so it truly is the best collective therapy. Join us and see!

We promise you an incredible morning, an enjoyable event and pages of notes in your precious planning book.

Money, marketing and mindset

Cafe Sessions Summit – creatives mastermind

This two-day immersive experience is the place to discard mediocrity, and limiting thoughts and step into your creative greatness. We will be helping you to attain the recognition needed for you to grow your business, presence and prestige.

Created for you by an incredible team of wedding creatives champions.

The work we will take you through will be perfectly crafted, ingenious, and unparalleled.  We will be sharing our insightful opinion and unique advice, in the right place, to the right people – YOU.

Get ready to:

Discover your story telling ability by crafting POWERFUL brand stories that attract your perfect client
Release the fear of being seen and standing out!
Learn how to emotionally connect with not only yourself but your audience of couples and industry colleagues
Be encouraged with exceptional empowerment, and enlightened energy from some of the most extraordinary speakers I know and love
Learn to actually implement the marketing strategies we use in our own business.
Connect with other creative powerhouses.

Coming along 

In a matter of sessions, everything changes

Attendees started why a CHANGE in attitude towards networking and learning together was worth it.

They quit hiding, spending their time procrastinating at home and started SHOWING UP authentically and regularly.

The creatives coming along started LEANING IN to who they are — flaws and all.

I found they started sharing our MISSION and MESSAGE more, this truly lit me up.

The attendees started to understand why articulating their unique EXPERTISE and credibility was so very important.

We loved that they started to shed their self-doubt, self imposed imposter syndrome and really EMBRACED their true value.

They all eventually found their VOICES and curated an outstanding message to share together.  Bringing in more attendees, and helping formulate and exciting new schedule of learnings they wanted to cover.

Most importantly

They learned that building a stand-out community begins with accepting and LOVING themselves, and helping other creatives to realise and see that THEMSELVES was part of the experience, and of course a huge benefit.

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These are what you ask the most

Is this event for new wedding creatives

If you’re asking this question you’re already ahead of the game by looking into ways to invest in yourself and business. This retreat would be the perfect start for a beginner because it’s not only going to have educational and empowering aspects, but a great opportunity to meet other creative business owners and make connections that could open up so many doors for you and your business!

Do I have to be a wedding creative to attend

Absolutely not! We have business owners from all industries joining us.

What does each day look like?

This event is unlike most in the wedding industry. You won’t walk away just inspired. You’ll walk away feeling accomplished. Each day Tasha and our incredible expert guest speakers will teach topics perfectly tuned for every level wedding business, and then you’ll have time to implement strategies and ask questions too!

What do the 2020 Cafe Sessions look like?

With the Covid outbreak, everything is a little different.  We will update our Eventbrite page as soon as we can resume the sessions.  We crafted a brilliant plan for the 2020 sessions, which you can find here, to give you an insight into what we do each month. Fear not though, we will be back very soon.

Can we host an event?

Yes of course you can, we would LOVE that – please email Tasha at You will need public wifi, and space for 20-30 creative entrepreneurs.  We would love to offer refreshments to our guests, but can bring in an exceptional supplier if you don’t have that option available in house.

Can we collaborate and host together?

Absolutely 100% we would love you to take a look at our 2020 guide below and again email Tasha for a chat.  We would love to have some guest speakers to collaborate with and teach alongside us.  YOU are welcome here.

Have a question that you just need answered before you commit?

Don’t hold it back! Let us know!