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Seth Godin

I made a decision to write for my readers, not to try to find more readers for my writing,

The guidelines below have been created for new and prospective content creators submitting to the County Wedding Clubs. They are designed to help you understand what works best on our platform.

How to write a blog post we will LOVE

Bloggers can submit a blog on a topic of your choosing, but we ask and encourage all bloggers to write on subjects they have personal experience of or can demonstrate expertise in.

Before submitting you should ask: why does The County Wedding Clubs audience need to hear this from me, and why now?

We want to offer readers trusted, authoritative voices on the topics that matter to them, so please do consider whether the subject you’re blogging on will be relevant, appreciated and understood. If in doubt, we would recommend that you have a scan of The County Wedding Clubs.co.uk/blogs before you submit, making sure you’re blogging around a subject we know our readers will care about.

As a The County Wedding Clubs blogger, you’ll have the ability to submit blog posts as often as once a week (our recommended max), once a month, or once a year. Basically, whenever you feel like you have something important and authoritative to say.

We know that blogs written with passion, credibility and exceptional insight resonate best with our readers. Perhaps ask yourself: does this matter right now? Who will find this exciting and interesting? Make sure your language is engaging, bold, persuasive, informative and written for a wide audience. We would like our content to always be produced in the first person, and be opinion-led, balanced and geared toward a UK wedding industry.

Remember we produce content for couples and creatives.

We will refrain at all times from editing your content apart from grammatical and typo mistakes. We will observe our in house style at all times, and be very mindful of any legal issues stemming from your submission. It is our desire not to edit your argument or change your point and opinion. It is likely we will, with your permission, change your title for SEO or clarity reasons.

We recommend pieces are between 500-800 words, and please do bear in mind that we expect you to submit a post because you want to see it online on our portal.

We aim to publish within 20 working days, after you receive your acceptance email (for editorial shoots and real wedding submissions, we will provide you with an exact date in line with our editorial calendar). Please note, we do not work evenings and on weekends. During busy times, it may take longer to publish your content.

We encourage bloggers to embed photos and videos within your posts but you absolutely must make sure you have permission from the copyright holder (providing full credit for every image). Failure to do this will result in your post being declined.

Is there anything you won’t publish?

Well yes of course! Anything too niche, too melancholy or too argumentative. We will not publish gossip or slander on any level, and will not air any personal business, negative commentary or disruptive malice pieces.

Please be aware that we will not accept anything from bloggers vividly endorsing a product, or anything which could be construed b y our readers as a flagrant publicity post. We retain the right not to publish pieces that fall below our quality expectations or that we, in our experience, know there won’t be an audience for.


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Blogging FAQ’s

What are the best practices for a perfect post?

Blogs should be between 500 and 800 words
They should contain images and video for an exciting and inspiring experience.

Will my post feature on the front page/section pages?

Not all posts can be featured on the front page. The majority of the time, your post once published has a good chance of showing up in the main blog section it is allocated to. Please remember it will also always be found in your author archive.

We absolutely urge bloggers who have featured to drive readers to your piece through your own network and social network. Please do always post the link to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Instagram stories, and of course Pinterest. Should you have an email list or any other way your clients also communicate your features with them.

Image – Angela Ward-Brown

More FAQ’s

Can I co-author a post with another The County Wedding Clubs blogger?

Yes of course you can, we would love that!

Can I see traffic stats for my post?

Not yet. We can supply general information on the readership of The County Wedding Clubs UK, but data on individual blogs is not available at this point.

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