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Exactly the same concept as Grace Knows, reserved for conversations and questions from creative entrepreneurs.

We want you to learn to work with your humanity, to ask the difficult questions, to put aside the hustle and find your fun again.

Everything in the wedding industry feels heavy and exhausting sometimes, I have been told that creatives feel ignored and unable to have a safe place to ask questions. Because we are looking to provide you with new inspirational tools, we decided this would be a useful, bold and liberating space. Sophia Knows is a place you can stop and ask questions, a place to find answers to life lessons, a place to put fun back into your every day. A place to find answers to questions about collaboration, inventiveness, spirit, effectiveness, peace and freedom. A place to step back and make space for health, wealth, connection and answers.

YOU are welcome here.

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Hannah, Hannah Elizabeth Bridal

“A truly wonderful space for wedding creatives!

I have known Tasha from the very early days of Hannah Elizabeth Bridal! From the moment we met I was totally embraced by her warm and passionate energy, not only for the industry but the sheer interest she took in me and my little boutique!

I will forever be thankful for her honest and endless advice and guidance she has given to my business, not only as a mentor but as a true friend. She has provided precious support that I honestly believe has helped my business grow and flourish into the successful Bridal Boutique that it is today.

Being a member of the County Wedding Clubs is a membership that is completely invaluable to me! The passion and energy that Tasha has for her members and their work is truly inspirational. The CWC provides a platform for like-minded wedding creatives such as you and I. A warm and encouraging space for us all to gather, to be inspired and to learn and gain new skills and knowledge with the pure help and guidance of Tasha. ”

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