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Our heartfelt community supports a healthier, more abundant wedding industry. We are stepping out of line and talking directly to couples and professional wedding creatives with honesty and candour. I am all about the understanding of how and why you should be finding more radical fulfilment for the wedding industry. All in the name of LOVE and MARRIAGE. All this is because you have fallen in love, either with your soulmate or with an industry that celebrates and supports.

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“We are passionately committed to creating the best content, with heart and soul”

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The Gentle place

Love, unedited

Created because we all have ability within us, we are only one thought and one deed away from great things and success. Because there is truly nothing we can not reach and attain without dedication and purpose. There is something profoundly important in taking steps as a wedding creative to expand our knowledge, to understand and find our true capacity. By doing this, you set the pace for your growth and stretch yourself into a state of opportunity, consistency and progress. These are empowering resources and inspirational reads created to ground you, give you grace, and supply you with the permission to understand and embrace change. By harnessing what is curated here in these honest and open blog posts the writers will lead your greatness, support you finding clarity and help you to clear a future path. See you on the other side of your daily reading hour.

Subjects covered

Abundance and affluence
Blend and harmony
Control and authority
Genius and brilliance
Learning and growth
Normal and ordinary
Purpose and desire
Rest and calm
Revolution and change
Right mind and stability
Small business
Wellbeing and happiness
Wisdom and understanding
Wonder and joy

The Spirited place

Against the grain

Created because people reside in their comfortable space, and lose the instinct to step outside the mess they create in doing so. Because sometimes there needs to be a place to step out of line, and speak with daring, boldness and conscious tenacity. I once read that it is wrong to back away from the broken things in life, that by doing so we stop noticing the human struggle and the battles. Against the grain was created because as leaders of an industry, the world is watching our actions and looking to us to inform, lead well, lead to serve and lead to inspire. This is a courageous space, a place where you will need to get out of your own way to write content for. You will need to pause and stop being so “busy” that you forget your place and purpose. So today I ask if you can take the time to notice who you can encourage, how you can use your influence and how you can find the fearlessness to be part of this very important space. Are you the heroic kind of professional entrepreneur willing to create a legacy for our industry by embracing your inner disruptive voice? We are optimistic you are.

Anxiety a couples and creatives
Boundaries for wedding planning
Creative ideas, your day, your way, be you
Decision making
Diversity in all its forms
Do it for you
Finding your voice
Friendships and emotional support
Mental health in the wedding industry
Money and control
Perceptions and industry behaviour
Sexual harassment
Traditions vs modern marriage
What happens afterwards

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The couples agony aunt – the truthful space

Grace knows

We want to step away from the everyday, making time for what is important, blogging with heart. Creating content which provides advice while respecting our readers anonymity. You can ask us anything, and we will impart the wisdom we are able to, with kindness and grace. We are making time to address the things you debate, and seek answers to. We are inspired to write because we have a pioneering, truth seeking spirit. You have repeatedly asked to learn from courageous experts, and be inspired by industry knowledge. So, instead of pretending we know what you want to learn about, or understand about love, life, family and future – we are asking you to drive the conversations. We are asking you to seek our guidance. YOU are welcome here, feel free to ask us anything, and we will find you the answers you desire.

The creatives agony aunt – The leaders space

Sophia knows

Exactly the same concept as Grace Knows, reserved for conversations and questions from creative entrepreneurs. We want you to learn to work with your humanity, to ask the difficult questions, to put aside the hustle and find your fun again. Everything in the wedding industry feels heavy and exhausting sometimes, I have been told that creatives feel ignored and unable to have a safe place to ask questions. Because we are looking to provide you with new inspirational tools, we decided this would be a useful, bold and liberating space. Sophia Knows is a place you can stop and ask questions, a place to find answers to life lessons, a place to put fun back into your every day. A place to find answers to questions about collaboration, inventiveness, spirit, effectiveness, peace and freedom. A place to step back and make space for health, wealth, connection and answers. YOU are welcome here.

Wellbeing and rest
Wisdom and wonder

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Wordsmith and copywriter extraordinaire

Stephanie, By The Way Creative

"If you’re looking for a community that truly embodies ‘collaboration over competition’, then the County Wedding Club is it. In a room full of creatives, your opinion is heard, your ideas are magnified and your business is given the vital fuel it needs to get on the road. In the year that I’ve been involved with the club, I’ve found clients and built my dream wedding too!  The support that Tasha offers is second to none. She truly pours her heart and soul into every member - it’s amazing to finally feel like someone cares about your business as much as she does!"

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