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The fastest way to get to where you want to be in and with your business is to work with someone who has been there, someone who understands. If you’re searching for a mentor, inspirational force for good and thought leader and you’re in the wedding industry – not only have come to the right place, but YOU are welcome here.

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Signature education with Tasha

I help outstanding wedding entrepreneurs create exciting opportunities to share their expertise, and collaborate within our stimulating movement of engaged and influential creatives. Think of me as your personal community guide, creative mentor and thought leader for both your creative wedding business and your dream couples. I’ve put together several ways to work with me so that you can achieve ultimate success.

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 styling consultancy service

Editorial direction

I would LOVE to chat

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Coming in June 2020

The Editorial Scholarship

Everything I do comes from a place of

Compassion, honesty and strategy

If you’re familiar with my work, you know I believe that opportunity seldom knocks in the wedding industry – we are changing that in 2020/2021.


Coming in November 2020

Advertising Opportunities

Exciting options to advertise your business

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We are building exceptional advertising option for your superb business on our gorgeous couples and creatives wedding portal. We are bringing together a superb listing opportunity, special offers and late availability options, social media support across Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. A badge to proudly display on your website and social media – amongst many other exciting concepts.


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Launching in 2020/2021

Bespoke mentoring and support

A question of purpose

VIP membership, VIP joining fee, a 3 meeting purpose sessions, and 4 done for you submissions.

Daring to dream

Insider membership, VIP joining fee, 2 impression sessions, 12 months of Cafe Sessions, 12 months mentoring on an intention sessions package and 2 submission sessions.

Now it all makes sense

VIP membership, VIP joining fee, connection session mentoring for 4 months and 1 impression session.

OK Tasha – what’s next?

Who are you?

A wedding creative who wants to discover your unique voice

A wedding creative looking to transform their brand, tone and offering alongside us

A wedding creative looking for 1:1 support from a no nonsense mentor with the implementation of marketing strategies that actually work

A wedding creative with an inspired mind, looking to learn powerful yet purposeful sales techniques that talk directly to your ideal client

A wedding creative looking to review your pricing structure, with the aim of raising your prices and charging your worth

A wedding creative looking to collaboratively identify your true soul warming clients with the mission of altering your business to match them

A wedding creative looking to systemise your client journey because you are OH SO done with busy-bee work

Let me ask you two questions


Can you afford not to embark on a mission to take your business to the next level?

How would your business change if you could come together with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs to support and help each other grow?

This community is dedicated to providing you meaningful, action-orientated accountability to support and direct you in your transformation by taking you out of isolation and into a room full of aspiring and inspiring wedding creatives – just like you. We’re exciting and vibrant professional wedding businesses, working to evolve from the inside, out. So, if you’re a photographer, a wedding stylist, a planner, a stationery designer, a florist, a calligrapher, or you simply identify yourself as an empowered yet stuck, exquisitely talented and connected creative entrepreneur, The County Wedding Clubs are for you! And YOU are welcome here.


You will grow, flourish, find your joy and so much more!

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Find out why YOU are welcome here, and what we can do to help... You can pop me a message below or just go straight ahead and book a chat with me where we can talk about how I can help you and see if we're a good fit to work together.  Email me at, OR




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