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I am proud to say that the work the County Wedding Clubs does speaks for itself. We believe that to set ourselves apart we need to show you behind the scenes, opening the doors to an industry built on love, romance, future hope, compassion and life. Vowing to teach you the intricate and pure joy found by wedding professionals when they create or are part of an event for a couple.

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“Be around the light bringers, the magic makers, the world shifters, the game shakers. They challenge you, break you open, uplift and expand you. They don’t let you play small with your life. These heartbeats are your people. These people are your tribe.”

Danielle Doby

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It is with absolute confidence that I can say the people part of this soulful and dedicated community simply have the desire to create, inspire and serve. To provide incredible experiences, and have enlightened conversations about your day, your way, and of course your future together.

I do not say this lightly, but this is the work I will undertake with passion and commitment for as long as my industry will allow. I have promised my creative colleagues to always work with compassion, humility and humanity. To always support both sides of our outstanding industry, but to also always speak the truth.

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We want to step away from the everyday, making time for what is important, blogging with heart. Creating content which provides advice while respecting our readers anonymity. You can ask us anything, and we will impart the wisdom we are able to, with kindness and grace.

We are making time to address the things you debate, and seek answers to. We are inspired to write because we have a pioneering, truth seeking spirit. You have repeatedly asked to learn from courageous experts, and be inspired by industry knowledge.

So, instead of pretending we know what you want to learn about, or understand about love, life, family and future – we are asking you to drive the conversations. We are asking you to seek our guidance. YOU are welcome here, feel free to ask us anything, and we will find you the answers you desire.

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Our original county wedding club.  The place we call home.  The county we have watched grow and develop, catering for foodies, tourists, gin aficionados, and of course the weekend wedding brigade.  Hampshire is the perfect blend, stunning cities, beautiful coastlines and exquisite countryside.  From National Parks, to chalk stream river banks, and stately home magnificence.  HWC opened its doors in 2017 and rapidly grew to be a vibrant, innovative community, brimming with charisma, and determination.  We provide a one of a kind culture for exceptional, action orientated wedding creatives.  Now we are expanding…


Our newest adventure, Surrey.  Home to some truly  extraordinarily talented wedding creatives who we know and love.  Blossoming food and drinks producers and sublime accommodation.  The feast for your eyes county, with sublime views, peaceful woodland, meandering waterways and extraordinary country houses.  It’s hilly splendor sitting prettily just outside London, alluringly providing perfect places for you to sip your morning coffee by the river or explore the house with the first ever home cinema.  Bygone eras carefully preserved, in houses with beguiling and charming histories.  YOU are welcome here.


We are loving growing into this incredible county, and are perpetually enthralled by its innovative wedding industry, exciting creative wedding businesses, modern bijou hotels and of course pinnacle properties such as Cliveden.  From 350 year old doyenne luxury properties to hazy day wedding ceremonies on the River Thames we love what this county offers marrying couples.  The Berkshire countryside appeals to city-dwellers looking for an easy retreat, a perfect antidote to their busy lives.  From Pangbourne to Kates’ Buckleberry, Berkshires villages hold sweet school time memories for our founder Tasha.

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