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Coming up – COVID-19 Update: In an attempt to keep each other as safe as possible, these workshops below have been postponed for now – I’ll update the dates as soon as I have news! I have taken everything I have learnt from my 14 year career in the wedding industry and 16 years as an Executive Assistant and combined them to create some exceptional events for wedding creatives.

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From the small and intimate to the big and bold, every touch point of our events are thoughtfully curated with our members experience in mind.

Power hour meets power networking

Monthly meetups, open discussions, education and inspiration

The Cafe Sessions

Every month is different, every month is exceptional

Collaboration and unity is the future, competition and isolation the past.

Our aim is to deliver so much value that you cannot imagine coming to any other wedding industry specific networking, and that the Cafe Sessions immediately become the monthly event you book in your diary the minute dates and tickets are released.

The Queen of SEO & Visibility is back

Maddy Shine and the Seeking Exciting Opportunities Series

She helps ambitious creative business owners get more sales through SEO ( search engine optimisation) or “Seeking Exciting Opportunities” as she likes to call it. Because what’s more exciting than getting paid to do what you love by more people who will pay you to do it? These 3 classes are all about getting found on Google so that you can crack this once and for all and then get on with taking the enquiries that come in as a result! Hundreds of people every day are searching for businesses like yours on Google and at the moment they’re clicking on your competitors because you’re not there to be found.

conceptualised editorials and inspiration

The Curation sessions live 2021

We love to create conceptualised editorials and inspirational, beautiful refined shoots to inspire and engage your ideal clients. We are by your side every step of the way. So if you are a member of the County Wedding Clubs, and a driven multifaceted wedding creative, I would like to encourage you and equip you with the tools and insight to be the best creative business owner you are capable of being. I have been in your shoes before, feeling stuck, uninspired, overwhelmed, and left out. There’s nothing worse than feeling lost when you know you have responsibilities to meet and big dreams to bring to life. Creating these live Curation sessions – part editorial/ part education has been a concept I have LOVED. Register to find out more about the upcoming sessions, but remember you have to be a CWC member to take part. These sessions take place over two days, and your refreshments, food and overnight accommodation is included in your ticket price.


Money, marketing and mindset

Cafe Sessions Summit – Creatives Mastermind

This two-day immersive experience is the place to discard mediocrity, and limiting thoughts and step into your creative greatness. We will be helping you to attain the recognition needed for you to grow your business, presence and prestige.

Created for you by an incredible team of wedding creatives champions. The work we will take you through will be perfectly crafted, ingenious, and unparalleled. We will be sharing our insightful opinion and unique advice, in the right place, to the right people – YOU.

Excited, yeah I thought so

What are the benefits?

Let me ask you two questions

Can you afford not to embark on a mission to take your business to the next level?

How would your business change if you could come together with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs to support and help each other grow?

This community is dedicated to providing you meaningful, action-orientated accountability to support and direct you in your transformation by taking you out of isolation and into a room full of aspiring and inspiring wedding creatives – just like you. We’re exciting and vibrant professional wedding businesses, working to evolve from the inside, out.

So, if you’re a photographer, a wedding stylist, a planner, a stationery designer, a florist, a calligrapher, or you simply identify yourself as an empowered yet stuck, exquisitely talented and connected creative entrepreneur, The County Wedding Clubs are for you! And YOU are welcome here.

We want you to discover your unique voice
You will transform your brand, tone and offering alongside us
We will support you in implementing marketing strategies that actually work
You will learn powerful yet purposeful sales techniques that talk directly to your ideal client
We will review your pricing structure, with the aim of raising your prices and charging your worth
We will collaboratively identify your true soul warming clients and alter your business to match them
We will systemise your client journey so you’re done with busy-bee work

You will grow, flourish, find your joy and so much more!
See you at an event soon!

this is for you

Marketing 101

You’ve tried so many different marketing strategies... but you’re not getting the results you need. If this sounds like you, the problem is not likely with your product/service. You're problem is likely to be that you don't have the right audience interested in you online to make the sales you desire. I heard recently that the average landing page conversion rate is just 2.35%. Meaning for every 100 people in your audience, only a small number will actually invest in your services, or buy from you.


I would love to help you clarify your ideal client, marketing segmentation and overall marketing issues, start with our marketing 101 guide and then let's go from there.

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