A new podcast for couples and wedding industry creatives

Love, Unedited - The Podcast

We’ll be hosting honest conversations leaving listeners changed, enlightened and enthralled.

We are looking for exciting and inspirational wedding industry narratives, stories and ideas to make a powerful difference to our industry from a couples and creatives perspective.

You + me + our community = an awe inspiring team influencing the wedding industry

Launching January 2021

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A podcast you say how exciting!

Community guide, creative mentor and thought leader for both wedding creatives and couples.

Meet Tasha

Our heartfelt community supports a healthier, more abundant wedding industry. We are stepping out of line and talking directly to professional wedding creatives and couples with honesty and candour. I am all about the understanding of how and why you should be finding more radical fulfilment in your business, and why you should be proactive not reactive.

Together, let’s point you in a purposeful direction, with an influential and vibrant message setting you apart from others, highlighting what influencers and couples need to hear about you, your skills and your creative brilliance.

From morning to night, this is the support you need – wherever you are in the wedding industry

Work smarter in the wedding industry – Get ready for community, endless motivation and success! It’s time to build the business you deserve.

We can’t wait to have purposeful conversations and embark on this exciting mission together.

A little bit of love

Kind Words

Boudoir Queen 

Rebecca Frost Photography

“Finding the Hampshire Wedding Club was without a doubt the turning point for my business. The HWC is a community full of kind, welcoming like-minded creatives who I am now so incredibly lucky to call friends. The support and guidance Tash can offer is simply incredible and I am so thankful she founded this incredible community. If you are thinking of joining, trust me, it’s the best thing you will ever do for your business, and for you.”

 Image Cooper Photography

Wordsmith and copywriter extraordinaire

Stephanie, By The Way Creative

"If you’re looking for a community that truly embodies ‘collaboration over competition’, then the County Wedding Club is it. In a room full of creatives, your opinion is heard, your ideas are magnified and your business is given the vital fuel it needs to get on the road. In the year that I’ve been involved with the club, I’ve found clients and built my dream wedding too!  The support that Tasha offers is second to none. She truly pours her heart and soul into every member - it’s amazing to finally feel like someone cares about your business as much as she does!"

 Image Cooper Photography

Planning Goddess

Charlotte, Lyla Rose Weddings and Events

“When I set up my business, the wedding club was on my list of marketing to consider. But when I met Tasha, it was never a consideration… it was a must!
I have learnt priceless skills, met inspiring business entrepreneurs and made true friends.

Joining the Hampshire Wedding Club has opened doors I didn’t dream of and the support you receive is incredible. Tasha truly wants you to succeed and I am really looking forward to continually being part of something amazing.”

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Find out why YOU are welcome here, and what we can do to help… You can pop me a message below or just go straight ahead and book a chat with me where we can talk about how I can help you and see if we’re a good fit to work together.  Email me at hello@thecountyweddingclubs.co.uk, OR

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“I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult.” E.B. White

If I have learned anything as a business and community founder, it’s that every investment I have made in myself has been absolutely worth it. And if you’re anything like me, when you pay for something, YOU DO IT, you take it on, you throw yourself into it 100%

With our mentoring, we will place you on a passionate, committed and purposeful path to achieve your mission, see the industry impact, embrace accountability, and really see an improvement in your finances.

But at the end of the day though, it is not simply about finding a way to allow yourself to thrive, allowing yourself to find a space in a perfect community. It is also not just about allowing yourself to be really seen, be really vulnerable, and talk to your identified ideal client. Why not?