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Hi, only me!

What brings us to the here and now? None of this has happened because I am special or unique. Instead this community came together because I found something I am truly passionate about, and it now fulfils me every day.

I figured it out, one consistent step, habit adjustment, and growth idea at a time. I have worked through and challenged the missteps and celebrated the successes.

I have honed the launches, and overcome the burnout, to create a community that is much more than just a nice place to hang out with your mates.

This is what I have learnt along the way;

There is no substitute for lots of committed, hard work
You should surround yourself with trustworthy, like minded capable people
Balance the chase for revenue with the mindset and self worth mastery
Love what you do, breathing that sentiment into everything you do
Be passionate and innovative
Back yourself and show up in this mindset in your business, niche and industry.
Take risks, because thinking out the box makes things interesting
Strive everyday to be the best at what you do
Balance family and work
Be true to yourself, your beliefs and your brand values

I know this beautiful place called “creative community” where abundance, mastery, purpose and empowering awareness meet. I’d love to help you embrace it…

What do I say when stating the obvious?

It’s never too late to get started in our vibrant community, never too late to invest in you and your business, never too late to show up, because I am here for you!

Why book a one to one

Because you deserve it

Are you ready for an evolutionary leap?

The kind that empowers you to shift you from “pretty good” to “great,” from “surviving” to “thriving,” from “fine” to “fabulous“?

I am hoping you are reading this with a thought in your head, that you want to improve, that you want to shine a light on your blind spots and break through whatever barriers are standing in the way of you and business desires.

By now I think you understand the value of doing the inner work in order to create the life you’ve always wanted to live. If not, then where the hell have you been?

You may have dabbled with personal growth, attended workshops, worked with the odd professionals, or read self-help books.  Now however, you know you are ready to play bigger than that. Why, because you deserve it!

You want a partner, a mentor, a visionary, a kicker of arse who can move you beyond limitation, through transformation, into empowered change and ultimately celebration. Why not master your life alongside someone who has your back, brain and soul?

If you know you’ve achieved quite a bit in your life, is there still a feeling incompleteness or a sense that there is something more? 

Make a list and share it with me

Work and life, blended

Wherever you store your “list” it will always just be a list unless it is infused with life, love and purpose. So, go and create something different.  Create a living list, approach it with a proactive assertiveness you have to really channel and think about, then take absolute unwavering responsibility for EVERY part of it. Often living list items are big. Although some may happen serendipitously, many take weeks of planning, months of preparation and training. Some take years of wanting and waiting. To move from living from your to-do list to your living list, you must make life fuelled by your living list a priority. It must become a principle from which you plan and organise your life. You must live and breath life into one living list item at a time. Let the unconditional control you have of that item be your driving, conscious principle. Let it inform your choices and drive your actions with purpose, passion and consistency. Create structure, set tangible steps, and create a support team that will lead you to the execution of your living list, every day. Oh hey, and guess what – let us live it alongside you… We are after all here to help!

Promise to stop doing something

Saying you should

WTF are our to-do lists always made up of long lists of “shoulds,” like, “I should schedule my social media, I should blog twice a week, I should spend 2 hours a week being the CEO of my business, at the end of every year I should set my goals.” We know all those things can be positive and business defining, but you know there is a dark side to “shoulds” don’t you?

They are masters at manipulation, pushing us to live in accordance with conditioned norms, trying to make us fit in or “get it right,” or live by unrealistic, outdated, or non-serving expectations of ourselves and others.

They compromise our values, they disconnect our visionary brilliance, and overcommit us to things that are not in alignment with our integrity and joy.

While successfully crossing jobs off your to-do list brings a moments of fulfilment and worthiness, this moment will always be short-lived.

Living from your “shoulds” seals in one sure thing – that you will live a less than satisfying work life. Before you realise, you will be back on your creative hamster wheel running at a million miles an hour to achieve and strike off the next to-do, aiming to prove to the world and to yourself you are enough. So why the hell are you still doing it?

Make a decision to

Return to you

To move from your to-do list to your living list you need to stop doing something.  The first thing is instead of looking to the external world or other people for your truth, worth and potential, instead of asking someone else how you should be living your life, you must make a U-turn back to you.

What are your dreams and visions? What is on your living list? What do you know you want, what feels uncomfortable but is in your heart and brain all the time?

There are so many benefits of a living list, I could talk all day about it. It inspires you to think outside the confines of your day-to-day norms, it connects you with your passions, it taps into your dreams, and it helps you step into a world full of unrestrained and unconditioned passion, possibility and potential.

Shall I spill the beans on how to crafting your living list? First, they do not have to make sense.  Second, you don’t need to know how to make them happen or when to make the happen. Living lists are always open-ended. Unlike the items on any to-do list, they won’t feel exhausting or heavy.  Why? Because your living list is grounded in spirit, internal light and is completely inspirational to just you. It fuels you up from the inside out and acts as what I can only describe as your ultimate motivational force.  So what do you do with it? Well you share it with someone and ask them for help moving you powerfully forward toward the future of your dreams. Guess what, that person is me, because I’ve got you x

Take control of something MASSIVE

Your excuses

For most of us, the minute we decide to live outside our comfort zone, be spontaneous, or “just go for it!”.  Them there is a pesky voice inside our head pops up telling us why we shouldn’t, can’t, or are just not capable of doing what we aspire to do. ”I am too busy.” “I don’t have the time,” “My family needs me.”

Can I tell you something? You know what these are right? They are jolts from our brain in flight, flight or freeze mode, simple common filters that form excuses and evasion tactics.  These thoughts automatically arise when our comfort is threatened and our brain tries to convince us to back down, roll over and be safe. These mind tricks are automatic, preprogrammed and often unconscious panic mechanisms. Although the feelings and emotions can be true, they are not the only truth. Sure, you are busy. Sure, your family needs you. But that does not mean you can’t take absolute unlimited control of your brand and perfect client or spend an hour on self-care and self awareness. When we empower these brain jolts, we diminish and limit our possibilities, potential and passions. Believing these jolts are ultimately absolute self sabotage, the ultimate personal insult. Completely restricting our ability to thrive by our living list. That is why it is critical to become familiar with your favourite excuses… so, when they jolt your, you can identify them and tell them to F-off before they take hold.

Unless there is a physical reason making taking something on from your living list even more challenging, the jolts can be cast away and you should journey o/n.  Anytime you say, “I can’t” what you mean is “I won’t”, when you say “try” you are giving yourself an option out. So to truly thrive from your living list, you must replace “I can’t” or “How can I?” with “How can I not?” or “I will”… Because I absolutely believe you deserve this life, and I want to help you achieve it.

Steal something

Your extraordinary light

Ok so you have done so much to get to this point, I am so proud of you.  Let’s talk about excuses now in a bit of detail. Excuses are a cover-up for something deeper. Underneath our excuses can be laziness or complacency, but more often than not, underneath our excuses lies insecurity, anxiety, and mostly fear. Fear of failure, fear that you will lose control, fear that you will not be able to handle it, fear that you will be embarrassed, or fear that you will be abandoned.  All these feelings and stressors keep us confined, playing small, not fulfuling our potential and worst of all they keep us STUCK and STATIONARY. Believing we are not good enough, smart enough, or capable enough whittles away at our confidence, passion and spontaneity.

To grasp and slay your grandest desires, you must embrace your magnificence and own your light (I don’t care if that sounds WOO). You need to embrace all the positive qualities you “wish you had” or admire in people who you see are thriving by their living list. You know something every quality you see in others are part of us too. The question is, why do you limit and shame yourself into not accessing them?

Most of us focus on what we are not instead of what we are. We live defined by our “weaknesses” instead of by what we love about ourselves. Simply what we need to do is embrace our positive qualities, understand our strengths and harness those. To embrace your living list, you must own your life, light and being! If you want to manifest and thrive from a “living list” then you must own your strengths, passions and qualities over and above anything else. 

Now live with a mission to be

Unrecognisable in 6 months

It is one thing to achieve a living list item, and quite another to absolutely embrace your living list. To absolutely breathe it though, you must be willing to give up the you you have confinded yourself into being, and become the limitless you. You must consistently challenge yourself to be unrecognisable, asking yourself questions like:

What can I do today that I never thought possible or always wanted to do?
What would I commit to doing if I was living by a new bar where restriction and conditioning does not exist?

Embracing and existing from your living list, will deeply and profoundly change every accomplishment, even altering your overall path. As you ramp up the excitement and glorious afterglow of each achievement, your feelings of worthiness and confidence will increase, as will the potential you see you have. Living from your list is a dynamic process. Each day your willgrow and evolve, as will your list. Be present with your list as you sit and bath in your personal glory as you triumph. Please always pause and celebrate yourself, claiming the achievement. Acknowledge daily who you have become and what is now possible, and be thankful for your spirit and growth. Ask yourself, “What would I take on next if I was living by the bar of being unrecognisable in 6 months?” Let that answer be the overall inspiration guiding you to the next thing on your living list. Guess what, I have faith in your, let’s chat.  Know this though, you have got this…

Now booking for you

Vip one to one’s (one hour monthly)

Now booking for you

Lite and Insider one to one’s (30 mins monthly)

You know when you are bossing it when you can do all these things

Timings and think about it list

01 /

You should submit this document at least FIVE days before your one to one. This allows me to read through everything and plan the time we have together.

02 /

Think about writing a living list. This should detail the areas you would like to work on during the course of our mentoring. Your living list can (and should) be long. Think of it as a wish list. In other words, you should include everything you want to work on. The next step should be to share that with me, it absolutely does not need to be in a specific format. Try to think beyond just your remit and think about your industry as well.

03 /

Please have a read through these principles.

These are things for you to remember and commit to:

It’s my job to assist you in whatever way I can, but I can’t replace your own action.
Think commitment and investment, not lip service.
A mentor is designed to help you get out of the way of your own excuses.
Be prepared when you show up for your mentoring time – you’re showing up for yourself.
Keep track of your living list and sessions so you can reflect on them later.
Be yourself, be honest and be open.
Pay it forward (when you have had a great session tell people about it) – after all you too can help grow the CWC!
Respect boundaries, follow the process and be mindful of both parties in this arrangement.

These are my things to remember and commit to:

I will facilitate not clone; you are all unique.
Planning and record keeping are hugely important, and I will be putting a process in place to ensure this happens.
Consistency is critical, I promise to show up, hold space for you and support you.
Faking it is not making it. I will provide honest feedback.
I will empower you to solve your own difficulties.
I am not responsible – but I have guidance responsibility.
I will always appreciate what you’re giving
It’s not coaching; it’s mentoring
I will honour your limits, but respectfully push you, and I will always have clear communicated boundaries
Listening is hard, but advice is easy. We could all use more listeners in the world.

04 /

What are the benefits of taking action with a mentor supporting you?
There are so many benefits, but this is a little list we created to demonstrate

Receiving critical feedback in key areas, such as communications, interpersonal relationships,
technical abilities, change management, and leadership skills.
Developing a sharper focus on how you need to grow professionally within your business, life and niche.
Learning specific skills and knowledge that are relevant to professional and personal goals.
Gaining knowledge about your industry, region and niche culture that can be critical for success and growth.
Having a friendly ear with which to share frustrations as well as successes.

By working with the CWC mentoring principles in the forefront of your mind,
the next 12 months will be pivotal and significant for you and your business.

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