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Not attracting your ideal client, and the ones who are finding you don’t appreciate your skill, your unique abilities, the creative process and style of your business is frustrating. I know because I see you, and because I know you.… I know you, because I WAS you. So why are you still missing out on joining us?

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I have a question

Are you?

Passionate about your business and industry
Struggling to get noticed
Ready for a significant shift and pivot

We are here to help, shall we make a start?

We know this

the most successful wedding creatives have these things in common

A clear vision and the right mindset
Marketing savvy and dedication
Amazing connections and relationships you can collaborate with and learn alongside
A willingness to invest in themselves to grow.

The County Wedding Clubs bring all of that together and more, we are bringing together everything you need to build a wildly successful business with you step by step.

I’m Tasha

hello, amazing

Founder of the County Wedding Clubs, community guide, creative mentor and thought leader for both wedding creatives and couples.

Our heartfelt community supports a healthier, more abundant wedding industry. We are stepping out of line and talking directly to professional wedding creatives and couples with honesty and candour. I am all about the understanding of how and why you should be finding more radical fulfilment in your business, and why you should be proactive not reactive.

I know how overwhelming and confusing trying to build a successful business can be. I started my first business in 2007 with no clue as to what I was doing, having overnight lost my gifted corporate support network and my surrounding talented colleagues.

Here and now

What got us to this point?

None of this has happened because I am special or unique.

Instead this community came together because I found something I am truly passionate about, and it now fulfils me every day.

Because of the work I have done in this community, I have figured out;

How to create a vision for my business, getting out of coasting mode and into achievement mode

How to attract the right clients who value my work and are will to pay to journey and thrive alongside me, appreciating my worth and the value I provide

How to confidently make decisions for my business, regarding things like pricing, services, and marketing

How to find the confidence and know-how on how to design a business that will flourish, even in uncertain times

I created the County Wedding Clubs to teach others how i’ve done it and how they can do it too.

I figured it out, one consistent step, habit adjustment, and growth idea at a time.

I have worked through and challenged the missteps and celebrated the successes.

I have honed the launches, and overcome the burnout, to create a community that is much more than just a nice place to hang out with your mates.

Our favourite wedding power couple

Mr & Mrs Cooper, Cooper Photography

“There was a time before the Hampshire Wedding Club, and a time after the Hampshire Wedding Club, thats how significant an effect being a member has had on our business. Tasha has become our most trusted advisor on everything within our business especially when it comes to marketing.

The current landscape is forever changing and being a member of the HWC has kept us informed and inspired resulting in our continuing success. Building a community is no easy feat but through the HWC we have met, photographed, collaborated and even hired so many crucial people through the community that Tasha has created.”

Here is what you will find inside

Your passion, and ambition

Would it feel amazing to always attract couples who value your craft, respect you as a wedding professional and offer you complete creative freedom? With this heartfelt relaunch we have defined a clear path to help you start.


The County Wedding Clubs

We work and support wedding creatives who have the desire to achieve incredible things. Creatives committed to building successful businesses and live their lives in perfect work life harmony. Who tailor their client responses and marketing with purpose and absolute focus.

We know that being a hardworking wedding entrepreneur can be lonely, challenging, overwhelming and frustrating. That is why we have created this support network, with you in mind. Regardless of the year, season, month, week or day, you can find someone to talk to and collaborate with. This makes sure you keep moving forward and have the support, inspiration and accountability to make the profound changes and progress you deserve. So, it does not matter if you are just starting out, or have been working for 30 years – YOU are welcome here.

Wordsmith and copywriter extraordinaire

Stephanie, By The Way Creative

"If you’re looking for a community that truly embodies ‘collaboration over competition’, then the County Wedding Club is it. In a room full of creatives, your opinion is heard, your ideas are magnified and your business is given the vital fuel it needs to get on the road. In the year that I’ve been involved with the club, I’ve found clients and built my dream wedding too!  The support that Tasha offers is second to none. She truly pours her heart and soul into every member - it’s amazing to finally feel like someone cares about your business as much as she does!"

 Image Cooper Photography

Here is what you will find inside

Your passion, and ambition

Would it feel amazing to always attract couples who value your craft, respect you as a wedding professional and offer you complete creative freedom? With this heartfelt relaunch we have defined a clear path to help you start.

Pillar one - MASTERY

We intend to launch this section to ensure you understand what the mindset of a successful wedding creative is, and what you need to do to establish yourself within that space.

YOU are the only one able to drive the success you deserve so the first thing we’re going to focus on is helping you secure the ideal mindset for success so that you don’t hold yourself back.

Why not start your VIP membership today, you can find the details below.

Pillar two - PASSION

Build and find your audience.

Once your solid foundation is in place, we’ll focus on how you can get yourself out there and build an audience of your dream customers.

From social media to list-building and PR, we’ve got you covered!

Pillar three - PURPOSE

Set up a solid business purpose.

Once we’ve worked on your mindset, we’ll get your business foundations in place.

By the end you’ll have total clarity around your vision, your audience, branding and so much more.

Pillar four - ENGAGEMENT

Grow your business.

This is the exciting bit! We’ll show you how to start generating more income and managing your money effectively.

Pillar five - REVELRY

Celebrate and scale your business.

Now it’s time to focus on creating the best systems and processes to turn your business into a well-oiled machine.

I know it’s really exciting right

How can you get started?

Best value

Insider membership

Standard entry on “The List” our gorgeous, searchable, creatives directory
Badge of membership for your website and social media
Resource vault updated frequently (from June 2020)
Pillar based success kits delivered quarterly (from July 2020)
One live pillar based accountability call via video every month (Facebook)
Invitation to join our secret CWC facebook community
Price locked in and will never increase (for those joining before September 2020)
3 month notice period

£60 per month

Most accessible

VIP membership

VIP “featured”entry on “The List” our gorgeous, searchable, creatives directory
Badge of membership for your website and social media
Pillar based success kits delivered quarterly (from July 2020)
One live pillar based accountability call via video every month (Facebook)
Two live pillar based group coaching calls via video every month (Facebook)
Resource vault updated frequently (from June 2020)
Invitation to join our secret CWC facebook community
Price locked in and will never increase (for those joining before September 2020)
Quarterly group VIP call via video
Cafe Sessions tickets – free of charge
6 month notice period

£120 per month 

Your presence here is important to us

Standard listing

A gallery representing your business with up to 20 images
A set of testimonials (up to 5)
Standard event listing, telling our readers where they can meet and find you
Social media links
Standard badge of membership for your website

your presence here is important to us

VIP listing

A gallery representing your business with up to 40 images
A set of testimonials (up to 10)
Featured event listing, telling our readers where they can meet and find you
Social media links
Direct contact form created within your listing
VIP badge of membership for your website

Do it yourself

Basic and Intermediate joining fee

Basic joining fee
DIY List entry, created for you

Intermediate joining fee
DIY List entry, proofread and created for you

done for you

VIP joining fee

VIP joining fee
We create your List entry for you
We also create an introductory blog post on your behalf
You blog post will be sent to our mailing list subscribers in a
quarterly newsletter on our members

Frequently asked questions

We know we are not the only one

There are lots of other courses and memberships out there, so why should I be involved in this one?

Firstly, the County Wedding Clubs is NOT “just another course” or even “just another membership group.”

So who are you?

A wedding creative who wants to discover your unique voice
A wedding creative looking to transform their brand, tone and offering alongside us
A wedding creative looking for 1:1 support from a no nonsense mentor with the implementation of marketing strategies that actually work
A wedding creative with an inspired mind, looking to learn powerful yet purposeful sales techniques that talk directly to your ideal client
A wedding creative looking to review your pricing structure, with the aim of raising your prices and charging your worth
A wedding creative looking to collaboratively identify your true soul warming clients with the mission of altering your business to match them
A wedding creative looking to systemise your client journey because you are OH SO done with busy-bee work

 Humour me, and let me ask you TWO questions

Can you afford not to embark on a mission to take your business to the next level?
How would your business change if you could come together with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs to support and help each other grow?

This community is dedicated to providing you meaningful, action-orientated accountability to support and direct you in your transformation by taking you out of isolation and into a room full of aspiring and inspiring wedding creatives – just like you. We’re exciting and vibrant professional wedding businesses, working to evolve from the inside, out. So, if you’re a photographer, a wedding stylist, a planner, a stationery designer, a florist, a calligrapher, or you simply identify yourself as an empowered yet stuck, exquisitely talented and connected creative entrepreneur, The County Wedding Clubs are for you! And YOU are welcome here.

Boudoir Queen 

Rebecca Frost Photography

“Finding the Hampshire Wedding Club was without a doubt the turning point for my business. The HWC is a community full of kind, welcoming like-minded creatives who I am now so incredibly lucky to call friends. The support and guidance Tash can offer is simply incredible and I am so thankful she founded this incredible community. If you are thinking of joining, trust me, it’s the best thing you will ever do for your business, and for you.”

 Image Cooper Photography

You will grow, flourish, find

your joy and so much more!

How much does it cost to be a member?

Standard membership starts at £60, and rises to £120 for VIP members. There is also a joining fee, which you can mix and match depending on whether you want a DIY or done for you option.


Can I pay annually?

Yes! We now offer a Monthly or Annual Membership plan.

Can I cancel anytime?

No, we ask that you sign terms and conditions and give us a 3 month notice period for Insider members and a 6 month notice period for VIP members.

What if it's not everything you say, can I get a refund?

We absolutely stand behind our promises. That means, once you join us you have 60 days to claim a refund if you feel like the County Wedding Club isn’t for you or has offered you no value. We will however expect you to have attended at least one accountability or coaching call.

I am just starting out, do I need to have a business to join?

No, not necessarily. We welcome passionate new wedding creatives with open arms! If you have an idea for a business or are just getting started we can definitely support you to get things off the ground.

I have been in the business for years, is this just for newbies?

No, not at all! If you’ve been in business for any time, you’ll be very familiar with the infinite challenges of the wedding industry. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, a new set of problems arise to test your patience, determination, and commitment! As busy and committed wedding creatives I know personally, we are always encountering the unknown. And wherever you are in that journey, the County Wedding Clubs are here to help you out.

Do you host events?

Yes, absolutely – we have our incredible Cafe Sessions and soon we will be adding a few more exciting events too (you can check out the events page here). As a member you may even get a special email inviting you to attend with discounted tickets.

Why do you charge a joining fee?

We charge a joining fee, because we want you to have the best experience available to you as you join. We also want to make sure that your entry is MUCH more than just a black and white boring directory listing, that we see in so many other spaces “dedicated” to marketing wedding creatives to their ideal clients. We believe 100% that bespoke, personal and flawless is the only way to represent our members, this is why we take a little time and a lot of care to launch you into the club in the most perfect way.

Is there anything else you can tell me?

What else can we get involved

in when we are members?

I read this on the Female Entrepreneur website, of which I am a proud member.

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back– Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth that ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favour all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.”

We ask you to be present in our community, come along to our group Cafe Sessions, do the homework, show up when called upon and SIMPLY BE welcome. We have spent 4 years building a space with immense amounts of potential to shine a light on the extraordinary wedding creatives in the UK wedding industry, if you don’t show up – you may as well continue to be invisible. The way you were before you joined us.

We can’t wait to meet you, see you and have you on board.

“Make the time today to invest in your business future and industry influence. Together we are everything.”

Tasha Newland

Join our exclusive mastermind for a journey to learn and grow together as elevated leaders of one of the most inspirational, creative and love filled industries there is.

We look forward to seeing you, hearing you and meeting you very soon – YOU are welcome here.

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