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An agony aunt for modern, creative couples

We want to step away from the every day, making time for what is important.

Using our new website and blog, we can’t wait to create content supporting the challenges and queries couples are facing across our modern wedding industry.

We will provide advice from the heart, whilst at the same time firmly and passionately respecting our reader’s anonymity, lives, values and boundaries.

Via Grace Knows you can literally ask us anything, and we will answer and impart big-hearted, sympathetic wisdom, with kindness and grace. We are making time to address the subjects you are actively debating, and strive to provide solutions and answers to the problems you unsurface during your journey down the aisle. We are inspired to write because we have a pioneering, truth-seeking, spirited community, eager to look after your experience in our home, the exceptional UK wedding industry.

You have repeatedly asked to learn from our courageous experts, so we have proudly answered your requests with Grace.

Our community for couples over on Facebook is always looking to be provided flawless and inspirational industry knowledge. So, instead of pretending, we know what you want to learn about or understand further. Instead of writing the same old top tip posts, and bog-standard content we are reaching out to you with Grace, seeking to connect and understand exactly what you need.

We are asking you to drive the conversations giving us the ability to educate, empower and support. We are asking you to simply reach out and seek our guidance and input. We are asking you to take a bold step into this wonderful and empathetic place, your safe place for love Q’s, we do Q’s and marriage Q’s. We’ve got you.

Feel free to ask us anything, and we will find you the answers you need. Speak soon!

YOU are welcome here and WE are in this together.

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