Rebecca Frost – Bridal boudoir photography meet Bea

Let’s talk about Bea. Bea is one of my clients and she’s a dream to work with. She loves Hampshire, either it’s her childhood home or it’s somewhere that she has a strong romantic attachment to. When Bea got engaged, she knew she had to come to Hampshire to celebrate her nuptials. She also knew she had to book me to experience my bridal boudoir photography.

Bea loves luxury, not the diamante and fluffy pink kind – the wholesome, champagne, silk and diamonds kind. She’s warm, generous and can’t wait to spend this glorious day in the beautiful countryside we’re lucky enough to call home. Bea is accomplished, she’s brave, but sometimes her body confidence needs a little external encouragement. Like so many of us, Bea owns her work, she’s a stalwart friend and an incredibly supportive partner – everyone around her appreciates her and encourages her to take this moment for herself.

“Becky is renowned for her natural, delicate portraiture work captured with soul for exceptional brides. Alongside the experience she creates she captures the strength, character and beauty of every subject she photographs. She is driven to create intimate beauty, timeless imagery and her craftsmanship and attention to detail is like no other. The quality of her photographs speaks to the elegance seeker in me and her imagery is delicate, innately feminine and effortlessly ethereal. Her brand style is so strong I can recognise her passionate and artistic brilliance anywhere. She really does create beautiful bridal boudoir photography moments” Tasha, The County Wedding Clubs

Meet Bea, experiencing bridal boudoir photography, Pompadour bridal lingerie bought from Hannah Elizabeth Bridal in Hampshire
Hair and makeup by the talented

Olivia Todd Hair and Makeup

Bea wants to turn every part of planning her wedding into an occasion to be celebrated. She’s the kind of woman who’ll invite her bridesmaids to have afternoon tea at her prospective wedding venue and turns bridal fittings into an excuse for a girly brunch. When she discovered bridal boudoir photography, Bea was ecstatic at the thought of making a memory out of her beautiful bridal lingerie.

Of course, bridal lingerie has a short lived moment of appreciation – but Bea wanted to turn it into something more! Beautiful negligee to get wedding ready in, silky nighties to lounge in on her honeymoon and beautiful underwear that she can treasure through exquisite photographs.

Naturally, when considering where to do her bridal shopping, Bea gravitated towards Hannah Elizabeth Bridal. Nestled in Botley village, the Parisian inspired boutique stocks individually selected designer wedding dresses – but not dresses alone.

Amongst the lace and tulle hides a deliciously decadent secret… Pompadour Couture. This gloriously British label luxuriates in the finest silks, delicate embellishments and handmade lace, creating as much of a statement as your bridal gown.

For a woman like Bea, Pompadour is the obvious choice. From lace robes and flirty garters, to bralets and lace knickers, it was old fashioned romance she was searching for.

To celebrate the meeting of minds between myself and gorgeous Hannah, we wanted to acknowledge the women we meet in our businesses, everyday.

Bea and her fellow Hampshire brides travel far and wide to experience a Hampshire wedding; we want to make the journey worthwhile. Most elements of your wedding day are over in a flash, but what if you could hold onto that life changing feeling for years to come?

  • Images you could revisit with your newlywed husband.

  • Nightwear and lingerie you could swoon over and over again.

  • An experience that could lavish you in confidence for the wedding day and beyond.

For Hannah and I, that’s our why, the reason we deliver the services we do.

In fact, we want our beautiful brides to experience this confidence boost more easily. If you’re coming to me for a bespoke boudoir shoot, the wonderful Hannah Elizabeth will also take you under her wing. From Tuesday to Thursday, you’ll be able to book a complimentary fitting at Hannah’s Parisian style boutique. Along with a glass of well-deserved bubbly, you’ll be able to try on and be measured for your dream Pompadour set.

To book with Hannah, simply head to

Meet Bea, experiencing bridal boudoir photography, Pompadour bridal lingerie bought from Hannah Elizabeth Bridal in Hampshire
Meet Bea, experiencing bridal boudoir photography, Pompadour bridal lingerie bought from Hannah Elizabeth Bridal in Hampshire
Meet Bea, experiencing bridal boudoir photography, Pompadour bridal lingerie bought from Hannah Elizabeth Bridal in Hampshire
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